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  • Why Robotics at Little Genius?

    Our robotics curriculum focuses on specific learning objectives, original material, and vibrant ongoing assessments of student progress. We create a personalized STEAM robotics assessment for each student where teachers and parents can track progress as the student progresses through each session and course. A shareable Student Portfolio is maintained detailing each project and subject the student completes. We keep our class sizes small to provide the special individual attention that makes such a big difference.

    With hands-on, tech-savvy, and fun-loving teachers & a wonderful classroom environment, your child will want to come back again and again. We also focus on preparing children to participate in various local and international competitions and exhibitions, such as LEGO Olympiads and LEGO Robotics Competitions.
    Each Lesson, we will explore, create and share!

    Our robotics curriculum introduces powerful ideas from computer science, specifically programming in a robotics context, in a structured, developmentally appropriate way.

    The term powerful idea refers to a central concept within a domain that is at once personally useful, interconnected with other disciplines, and has roots in intuitive knowledge that a child has internalized over a long period of time.

    The powerful ideas from computer science addressed in this curriculum include: the engineering design process, robotics, control flow by sequencing and by instructions (loops and branches), parameters, and sensors.

    These powerful ideas are explored in the context of a curriculum that draws on the theme of transportation and can be adapted to many other common early childhood themes.