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  • Why Speech at Little Genius?

    It can never be denied that most of us, grown-ups, are frightened by public speaking not to mention kids. In order to overcome that fear of speaking in public, our course will help our little geniuses to acquire a certain number of skills to deal with the fear of stage, stares from the audience and so on.
    By equipping them with self-confidence, body language, vocal training, appropriate manners, good self-imageand computer skills etc., we believe that our little geniuses will achieve more in life starting with public speaking.

    It’s said that “A good speech is just like a pencil, it has to have a point”. In fact, it takes a lot of efforts in order to
    prepare a good speech. In this course, our little geniuses will be guided through a skill set needed to delivery an effective speech.


    “A fine child becomes a fine person”


    The course will be delivered in 12 weeks.
    There will be one session of 60 mins a week, which covers one certain aspect of public speaking that needs to be improved.

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